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Re: SEUL: Project Hierarchy and organization (was Re: What GUI style)

   > I think we should use one of the more unixy window managers or
   > else one of the ones that is just completely off the wall. There
   > are two that spring to mind: One is Enlightenment and the other
   > is wm2. Both are distinctive and interesting. Both would set the
   > SEUL project apart from it's peers.

   I've been thinking a bit about this since before I joined the list a few
   days ago (must say, I'm amazed at the traffic!).  Basically, I feel that
   the user should be able to pick whatever interface they wany (within
   reason).  This may sound a little insane (like me 8-), but there's a
   reason this is possible.

Both of Enlightenment and wm2 have to be configured by hand editing
files.  That rules them out for SIMPLE END USER LINUX project.

Please try imagining this: an installation procedure asking your
little sister/brother (the one who does not know what is a hard disk)
about if she/he prefers fvwm2 or afterstep or about choosing Vi or

An installation procedure for non technical users MUST be directive:
if you begin to bombard them with questions they will end replying at
random and will tell their friends than installation of Linux is

The goal of this project is not making a distribution more Unix than
the ones we have: in this case the window manager should be twm.  It
must be something than will allow you to put Linux in the hands of
that person you think she would never survive in present

			Jean Francois Martinez

==================== The Linux.  Use the Linux, Luke! =======================

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