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Re: SEUL: Project Hierarchy and organization (was Re: What GUI style)

Erik Walthinsen writes:
> How many times hve you gotten this really cool package off the net and
> tried to install it only to find that it puts files in the wrong places
> for your distribution, or overwrites files from some other package, or
> just plain puts things in the wrong place?

Never, since I started using Debian.  This is exactly the problem package
managers were invented for.

> I only say that there should be a global, generic database for all
> configuration options associated with *all* packages distributed as
> officially part of the distribution.

Existing package managers (such as Debian's dpkg) already do this.

> Got goal would be to make installation of new packages in the same class
> (i.e. fvwm and twm are in the same class: wm) as painless and transparent
> as possible.

Existing package managers already do all this.  Please quit trying to
re-invent the wheel.

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