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Re: SEUL: Distrib: Some thought

Thomas Molesworth wrote:

> > Yes, I like that idea.  Have a "control panel" type thing that knows
> > about the various configuration files and how to update them.  And allow
> > the user easy options for backing them up and copying configurations to
> > other computers, things like that.
> Make it run in text mode as well as X11, unlike RedHat's control-panel. It

Absolutely.  Sort of like Slackware's pkgtool.  When I installed RedHat
the first time, I selected the wrong X driver package.  So I couldn't
get into X to install a different one.  I had to learn how to use the
RPM command line just to get the right X driver installed.  *Extremely*

> should also be able to understand hand-edited files.

Maybe, but that would take a lot of work and our users are likely to
want to avoid hand-editing files anyway.  It would be nice, but I'm not
sure it would be worth the effort.

> Being able to back up configuration files is possibly the best idea for SEUL
> so far.

Right....just a simple click of a backup icon, put in a floppy, and make
it back it up!

Possibly also have a different (or the same?) boot disk be able to read
and restore the backup files...

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