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I vote emphatically against KDE.  Two reasons:

1) It's ALPHA.  The web pages are very clear about this.  SEUL needs to be
feature rich and bug poor.  I don't know what kind of schedule the KDE
people are trying to keep, but it appears it's gonna be awhile before KDE
is ready for primetime.

2) It's not free software.  GNU self-righteousness bugs me sometimes, but
I think it's important for those of of who rely on free software to do all
we can to encourage it's development.  Choosing an interface for SEUL that
is not free means we are doing nothing to support the productions of a
high quality free GUI.  I think that's just bad karma.  More
pragmatically, going with KDE places real financial restrictions on
commercial software companies who may want to develop for SEUL.  I don't
want to burden SEUL with those limitations.


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