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Re: SEUL: Party in a Box

I suggested it, so I better do something.  We should review some
installations with various distributions and evaluate them with a simple

Here is a try at a questionaire

1. Installation start date and time.     __/__/__   HH:MM:SS

2. Installation media:
   a. CDROM and diskette
   b. FTP and network
   c. prloaded hard disk
   d. FTP and modem

3. Distribution
   a. Debian
   b. Redhat
   c. Slackware
   d. other_______

4. Kernel level    __.__.__

5. Xwindows
   a. XFree86
   b. MetroX
   c. Xi
   d. other

6. Mouse buttons
   a. buttons work in all environments
   b. buttons work ins some environments 
   c. buttons don't work at all

7. Mouse motion
   a. motion works in all environments
   b. motion works in some environments
   c. motion doesn't work at all

8. Keyboard
   a. all keys work as expected in all environments
   b. A few keys are confusing
   c. Keyboard is unusable.

9. Hard Disks
   a. I can boot from my hard disk
   b. Each harddisk is accesible
   c. My hard disk is full now
   d. What's this partitioning stuff?

10. Floppy
   a. can boot from floppy
   b. can read and writ4e floppy
   c. floppy doesn't work

   a. CDROM reads data disks and plays audio disks
   b. CDROM reads data disks
   c. CDROM is misbehaving
   d. CDROM does not read

12. Sound Card
   a. Sound card completely functional
   b. Sound Card plays sounds
   c. sound card works

13. Printer
   a. printer prints flawlessly
   b. I get staircase output
   c. Postscript source text is printed instead of graphic
   d. printer does not print

14. Modem
   a. dial up ppp conections work fine
   b. can dial but not get ppp going
   c. cannot dial
   d. cannot get dial tone

15. Network
   a. Network connection up and running
   b. Cannot communicate over the network

16. Display
   a. Have display Refresh, depth and resolution optimized.
   b. Have Display Refresh and resolution optimized
   c. Have display resolution optimized
   d. Have nothing optimized


18. Window Manager
   a. Have window manager running and customized
   b. I want to customize the window manager
   c. This windows acts funny
   d. what is a window manager

19. Text Editor
   a. Emacs is great
   b. why do I have to learn another text editor
   c. TkDesks editor works OK
   d. vi is great
20. File manager
   a. Midnight Commander
   b. TkDesk
   c. Xfm

21. Web Browser
   a. Netscape works
   b. Netscape works but no plug-ins
   c. I sue Lynx
   d. no web browser

22. Focus
   a. Programming
   b. Text processing
   c. games
   d. email
   e. surfing
   f. spreadsheet
   g. graphics
   h. number crunching
   i. design
   j. data base
   k. fax
   l. scanning
   m. server
   n. business

23. Process
   a. Installation was a breeze
   b. Installation wasn't bad
   c. Installtion was difficult
   e. help
   d. I wouldn't wish it on my worst enemy

24. Uninstall
   a. I just kept it
   b. Uninstall went smotthly
   c. Can't get rid of it
   d. It broke my computer

25. Stop time __/__/__ HH:MM:SS

I realize it could use some fine tuning.  I may not have the right
subjects to cover.  The anticipated responses are based largely on my
experience or lack thereof.  I invite your comments.  You have all shown
marvelous support for SEUL.  Even the harshest criticisms have not been
personal attacks but attempts to further the aims of SEUL.




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