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Randy Heineke wrote:
> You guys are hard to keep up with.  What is KDE?
> Why do we need to vote about it now?

KDE is a Qt-based attempt at producing a *real* GUI for Linux, let alone
X-Windows-based systems in general. The page is at http://www.kde.org,
and especially worth reading is Matthis Ettrich's original proposal and
explanation of goals for the project.

Qt is a C++ widget implementation for X-Windows (with a port to Windows,
if I'm not mistaken) which has three licensing models of various use and
import. Qt is a highly-regarded piece of work. Check http://www.troll.no
for details.

If SEUL is going to be based on KDE, the decision needs to be made soon
so that cooperation and work can begin, and goals and expectations can
be adjusted accordingly. If not, formative ideas for a replacement,
likewise, need to be brought up.

As this mailing list is beginning to accumulate a sort of "state", would
it make sense to put together a simple web site for archiving and links
to important information? For instance, supposing we decide to make use
of KDE, wouldn't it be useful to point to KDE's page and provide some
information? I think that if we abstain we'll be answering a lot of
questions in the ML that could otherwise be addressed via static

Just a thought.

Michael J. Peck
Hewlett-Packard, Convex Division
Opinions expressed above are not necessarily those of my employer.
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