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Re: SEUL: Party in a Box

Party in a box is at the top of my list.  Although it sounds more like a
slogan or theme than a name for a distribution.  We might want to see how
it sounds in other languages.  I don't mind a french word, but in
the language of love, alone, almost sounds tragique not tres chique.

Someone said this talk chews up their bandwidth.  Its a good point.  But
we must have a name before we distribute.  A namimg contest is a common
technique to stir up interest.  It could work fine on a SEUL web site.  A
web site would also be a good way to distribute that status of the
install proceedure, a mock interface, records of previous votes, survey
results and all of the other stuff.  It would also be a way to get the
marketeers to get some user input while we are putting SEUL together. 

I believe we have an opening for a marketeer.  If we don't have a home
for a SEUL website, maybe we should find someone who does.  

I also would like us to consider this position might be the most
attractive for a woman.  At least I want to encourage any to consider it. 
It should be more people oriented. I suspect that the Linux market today
is overwhelmingly male.  It also means that most of our potential market
is female.  I think we would like to include some women among the
subjects whom we wish to observe during evaluations.  It might help us to
get them. 

I hope we could get at least one nominee/volunteer who is a woman and is
excited about SEUL. At least for Jean Francois' niece's sake.  I wouldn't
turn someone good down just because he is a man.

I don't mean to start a sexist flame war.  That has, can, and will be a
sore point for many.  If you need to flame me, please do it to my email.
I don't want everyone suffering for my mistakes.


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