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Re: SEUL: Party in a Box

Randy Heineke wrote:

> slogan or theme than a name for a distribution.  We might want to see how
> it sounds in other languages.  I don't mind a french word, but in

Those are all English words, so it would just be mumbo jumbo in other
languages, I think.  We'd probably translate it and market it in the
local languages.  I know some Spanish...how does "Fiesta en la Caja"

> Someone said this talk chews up their bandwidth.  Its a good point.  But
> we must have a name before we distribute.  A namimg contest is a

Exactly.  We might want to be thinking about it, but we need to get into
heavy duty designing and coding ASAP.

> technique to stir up interest.  It could work fine on a SEUL web site.

Right, we could take an E-mail vote.  I don't know if anyone here has
seen the Freedows 98 project, but they took a vote as to their logo.  We
should take a vote on the name first, then the logo later once someone
can draw up a few to choose from.

Speaking of other projects, I was just surifing the Game SDK project
site last night.  They broke themselves down into separate groups -
graphics, sound, and networking.  We should do something similar ASAP
(though I beleive someone already mentioned it).

> I hope we could get at least one nominee/volunteer who is a woman and

Are there any here???

Yep, we're competing against Micro$oft's marketing machine.  Let's not
do anything until we can do it right!!!
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