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Re: SEUL: SUEL: Install part deux

Michael Peck wrote:

> I thought this was the way everyone did it: if you buy it, you get
> technical support, if you don't, you don't. That's pretty much RedHat's
> solid policy, and I'm sure it wasn't personal; they get a lot of
> technical support requests from non-paying customers, and it's not cheap
> to fund a tech support division. How else could it possibly be done?

Provide a REALLY good FAQ, and have free e-mail support for questions
not in the FAQ.  If this thing really takes off, we could set up an
organization to do pay-per-call support.

> supplementary disk images, RAWRITE them to floppy, and run. It'll be
> slow, but no slower than pre-downloading. Just make sure your link
> doesn't die partway into the install :-)

Unfortunately, that's hard to guarantee... :-(

Also, I intend to try an NFS install of RedHat from my desktop to laptop
this weekend assuming my new network card comes in!

Micah K. Yoder            My computer is 100% Microsoft free!
yoderm@geocities.com      Support freedom in computing:  Use Linux!
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