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Re: SEUL: SUEL: Install part deux

Michael Peck wrote:

> I thought this was the way everyone did it: if you buy it, you get
> technical support, if you don't, you don't. That's pretty much
> RedHat's
> solid policy, and I'm sure it wasn't personal; they get a lot of
> technical support requests from non-paying customers, and it's not
> cheap
> to fund a tech support division. How else could it possibly be done?

to my mine RedHat is advertised as being downloadable from the net.
This, at least to me means someway of know what files need to be
downloaded all the documentation that is available on the RedHat site
did not mention anything about this point.  Now if there was some
document somewhere that mentioned what is needed to install a 'base'
system I would agree but because of their advertising saying you could
download/install from the net I feel that some mention, somewhere,
should address this matter.

> You can actually perform the RedHat installation, choosing packages
> and
> all, via FTP without pulling the whole thing down. Just get the boot
> and
> supplementary disk images, RAWRITE them to floppy, and run. It'll be
> slow, but no slower than pre-downloading. Just make sure your link
> doesn't die partway into the install :-)

Yet another good reason to indicate what files are needed.  500 megs
downloaded at 28.8 equals approx 58.3 hours

> > XWindows (you have to use XDM to get XWindows to work) this is
> rather
> > restrictive in my point of view and a definate drawback.
> This is definitely not true. I have never run XDM on any of my RedHat
> installations, but I use X Windows all the time. I'm not being coy; I
> really don't know what made you think this.
> Perhaps the confusing part is that during installation, if you choose
> not to install Metro-X, the installation will run you through some
> sort
> of curses-based X configurator. That program is really lousy, and I
> usually cancel out of it and run "xf86config" instead.

But Metro-x is not, I repeat NOT a part of the base RedHat system.  True
I could have downloaded it (anyone want to talk priacy???) and It may
have helped with the installation of Xwindows but the simple fact is
that I stuck to the 'base' system without applix metro-x or any of the
other, shall we say, add-on goodies that come with RedHat.

> > The installation program seemed to take care of setting up Xwindows
> > without a problem.

> And installed XDM?!? I've never seen this happen.

Maybe I have the magic touch, but really I attempted to use the 'normal'
commands startx, initx, X and none worked then I used XDM and I was
inside windows.  Don't know why but that's the way it worked. <shrug>

It should be noted that during these test installations all I was
looking at was how the distribution installed itself, not on what
happened afterwords other than if it worked or not

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