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Re: SEUL: Distribution Reviews

   From: Greg Bell <winston@atlantic.net>
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   I may be off base here but when it comes to reviewing distributions I
   think that there should be a rule here.
     The rule is that if you review a distribution it must be different
   then the system you are already using.  Remember that the whole idea
   behind SEUL is for the 12 year old neice/nephew/daughter/son and not for
   someone that already knows what they want.  This is difficult I realize,
   and one way to make the playing field even is to get something that you
   are not familiar with and test that, not something that you already know

   Oh yes, Jean Maritinez this is not a flame it is just an observation.


Your point is valid (in part) but for now I am the only who has written
a review from a distribution.  I have tried to hard to distinguish
things who were objectively easy to do in RedHat and things they are
easy because I am used to them.

I said your point was valid only in part because my review was not
limited to installation but also covered the aspect of living with it.
That can be a different thing: Slackware installs easily but upgrading
is another matter.

In the following days I will also write a review about a distribution
I don't know so well: the LST distribution.  LST is the base of
Caldera.  I would have written about my try at Debian but it was with
1.2 and I also prefer let this for people knowing Debian better than

By the way the neice is 14 years old not 12 and she is my niece. :-)

			Jean Francois Martinez

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