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SEUL: Programming language

> > should mention in the Linux newsgroups that another project be started
> > for something like a VB/Delphi clone.  Yes, it would be big, but I
> > believe necessary.

I am very concerned about programming under Linux at the beginner level.
Let me put it directly: Basic is not a good language to start (hope
this doesn't offend anybody). There are other languages, and
they have good implementations on Linux. What Linux lacks is a 
standard, strightforward programming environment in which the beginner
can simply start doing simple examples. They must also have

In other words: I do install Linux with 20 languages and 4 editors
`on board'. If somebody tells me `teach me to program' I have to 
begin with a very long lesson before actually starting programming.

Otherwise, there are the following intepreted languages: TclTk
(braindamaged with numbers, graphics are complex, but has a quite
`orthogonal' syntax), gcl+Tk (hard to make it start, but otherwise with
certain advantages), AdaEd (not supported anymore), Java (memory hog, I
hear, but might be coerced into a good start), xlisp+existing graphics
extensions+xlispstat+vista (very suitable for students in sciences and the
like, as they are going to use programming for statistical processing
anyway), and many more. 

Even a `special purpose' language like PostScript could be a good start:
it has all the FORTH under its hood, has extensive, spectacular but very
direct graphics primitives and teaches _very_ good problem decomposition
skills and a thorough understanding of the `virtual machine' on which
most high level languages reside. Knowing PostScript is also an asset
which will be usefull to anybody for a long time from now on.

So, what we actually need is not a new language (and anyway not
Basic) but a setup of an environment (might even be emacs-based)
which can be explained to the newcomer in a direct way without
many preparatives or many technical terms.

<BLUSH>I might put together such a setup for xlispstat+vista based on
emacs in the next months because I _need_ it for my colleagues anyway; but
don't hold your breath</BLUSH>. 



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