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Re: SEUL: Programming language

On Sat, 21 Jun 1997, Alexandru Dan Corlan wrote:

> > > should mention in the Linux newsgroups that another project be started
> > > for something like a VB/Delphi clone.  Yes, it would be big, but I
> > > believe necessary.
> > 
> I am very concerned about programming under Linux at the beginner level.
> Let me put it directly: Basic is not a good language to start (hope
> this doesn't offend anybody). There are other languages, and
> they have good implementations on Linux. What Linux lacks is a 
> standard, strightforward programming environment in which the beginner
> can simply start doing simple examples. They must also have
> _simple_graphics_.

OK - C is the universal language, so we can make a Linux/C tutorial as well
which takes the user through the basic steps in writing a C program which
has graphics + whatever else. It could be HTML-based, running in Netscape or
Mnemonic, with an xterm open for the user to edit the program; automatic
compilation+execution on save+exit, and a list of pointers to show the user
what s/he's done wrong when it doesn't work. Yet another major project, but
it could be integrated in SEUL when finished :-)

I'm planning to write a LaTeX/HTML manual for Linux C programming (with a
game/demo slant, including SVGALIB, GGI, X11 etc) at some point, but I have
yet to start it.

Thomas Molesworth            (thomas@bass.almac.co.uk)

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