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Re: SEUL: Programming language

> > I am very concerned about programming under Linux at the beginner level.

Everybody is a beginner at some point, and they should have easy tools
to play with.  If we don't give it to them, they're going to run to M$.

> > Let me put it directly: Basic is not a good language to start (hope
> > this doesn't offend anybody). There are other languages, and

I prefer Object Pascal personally.  I unfortunately have not used
Delphi, but I love Borland Pascal w/Objects, a very nice DOS/Win3.1
package (except no RAD).  Basically I was saying that Linux needs a good
platform to start programming on.  Gcc is a quality compiler, but it
doesn't quite cut it for people familiar with VB and who are addicted to
everything graphical.

But anyway, this definitely does not relate to SEUL.  Basic would
certainly not be a good language to write this config stuff in.

> > they have good implementations on Linux. What Linux lacks is a
> > standard, strightforward programming environment in which the beginner
> > can simply start doing simple examples. They must also have
> > _simple_graphics_.

Providing something of that nature *could* relate to SEUL.  I've heard
of some IDEs for gcc.  Has anyone here ever used them?

> OK - C is the universal language, so we can make a Linux/C tutorial as well
> which takes the user through the basic steps in writing a C program which
> has graphics + whatever else. It could be HTML-based, running in Netscape or
> Mnemonic, with an xterm open for the user to edit the program; automatic
> compilation+execution on save+exit, and a list of pointers to show the user
> what s/he's done wrong when it doesn't work. Yet another major project, but
> it could be integrated in SEUL when finished :-)
> I'm planning to write a LaTeX/HTML manual for Linux C programming (with a
> game/demo slant, including SVGALIB, GGI, X11 etc) at some point, but I have
> yet to start it.

That's a worthwhile idea, but I'm not sure how you can control things in
an xterm from Netscape.  Possibly through CGI (assuming a server was
running), but it would be kind of clunky.

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