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Re: SEUL: Observatons

   From: Micah Yoder <yoderm@geocities.com>
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   jfm2@club-internet.fr wrote:
   > I disagree. The fact is than the VGA server will run with *almost* any
   > card.  But not all.
   > There are PCs with NVidia Cards (correct me if I am wrong but that is
   > a modern card) that won't run with the VGA server.  They will run with
   > their specific server however.
   > And there are other cards where the VGA server will only support 320x200.

   > Also 8 meg machines will have a hard time with an X based install.

   OK, points taken.  Curses it is!

   > Sorry but here in France day time phone rates for local calls are
   > about 15 cents for three minutes.  Downloading 100 or 200 megs over a
   > modem is not viable here.  So until France becomes one of the United
   > States of America :-) I vote against that.

   Ouch.  Anyway, I didn't intend for the user to download EVERYTHING that
   way, only certain software packages that they pick from a list.  Most of
   the ones they'd want will be included on the CD, but of course, there
   will be more, and we'll always work to make new things SEUL friendly and
   put them in "the list".

Upgrading from the net is a viable proposition at least for small
packages (Emacs, XFree, XEmacs are definitely out), but a half decent
Linux installation needs at least 200 Megs of software, that means 100
Megs once compressed.

Someone made a software for RedHat than will scan an FTP site and
upgrade automatically if it finds something newer than whet you have.
It could be hacked a bit for putting a limit on the size of the

			Jean Francois Martinez

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