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SEUL: Re: Steering Committee

Jay Bloodworth wrote:
> On Thu, 26 Jun 1997, Greg Bell wrote:
> [lots of snips]
> > > Installation
> > >
> > > *Replacement or nice front end for Defrag/FIPS/Fdisk (HO)
> >   This will be worked on once there is something to work with (or
> > against determining your viewpoint) but of prime importance is just to
> > get something to work with.
     I don't know if you are a programmer or not but many times when
programming it seems you are fighting against what has been established
rather then actually coding.
Just as an example when I first started coding the rage was all for
Pascal.  Pascal was the up and coming trend so everyone had to use
Pascal well I learned programming in basic (pre compiled days) so I then
had to learn Pascal then the big switch to C then to C++ now anything
with visable in front of it's name. Where's all this going you ask, well
the basics for programming have remained the same and half the stuggle
is to learn the syntax of the language you are using.  But all that is
an aside and my attempt at a feeble joke.  The main point I was
attempting to get at was that every person on this list has an idea of
what SEUL should look like and what it should do but as of this time
there is nothing that we all can look at and say it's a peice of wasted
effort or this looks pretty good so in an attempt to get to the point
where we all can sit at our computers and say Hay I don't like this all
that much if only it had................ the steering committee is
currently working on just that matter.
Rest assure that you will be informed of any decisions that are made.

> > > *App update via network/web (HO)
> >
> > First let me say that all the above mentioned areas are worthwhile and
> > probably will be incorporated into SEUL sometime in the future
> [stuff about forming the steering committee]
> What distresses me is that you formed this steering commitee to commit the
> project to certain decisions on issues I don't think we were even close to
> consensus on.  While there is value to decisiveness, there is also value
> to discussion and I believe the discussion we were in the midst of were
> still quite valuable.
> >
> > I Hope that this will assure you that even though a steering committe
> > was created by fiat it was nothing personnel and that we of the steering
> > committe are doing our best to get the ball rolling so that at some
> > future date we can finally reach a SEUL that is usable by both the home
> > user and the office user.
> >
> I'm sorry you have the impression that I view this a matter of home versus
> office use.  I have advocated concentrating on SEUL as an Intranet client
> because I genuinely think that that is the best way to promote linuxes use
> among a wider audience (including home users) for reasons that I've
> explained in previous posts.
> I hope you will direct further comments to the list.  I continue to think
> this kind of discussion is valuable.
 I agree with you that the free flow of ideas is a good practice but
there comes a time when it also becomes a hinderance and that is where I
saw the list heading, into the never-never land of good intentions with
no product being created.


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