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SEUL: Installations

Many thoughts have been given to the installation of SEUL and most are
along the lines of provide a minimum needed to get started let the user
select what he is planning to do with Linux and then download the needed
programs from the net.  This is a very good idea, IMHO but does not go
far enough for the initial installation the user should be asked what is
planned for linux and then directed to that kind of installation.
For example if the user wants to do graphics the installation program
would then use a preselected series of pacakages and do an ftp
get/installation (never tried one of those, what is the speed of a
installation compared to a download??) of those pre-selected packages
for graphics it might be The Gimp, Blue Moon Render Tools, Mensa,
netpbm(plus) and possibly POV Ray.  These programs would then be
installed by the installation program so the next time the user is on
the computer everything is all set and ready for use.  This by the way,
does not mean limit a user to only those preselected packages but if the
user wants to add different programs say for instance Tcl/Tk then the
download script that the installation program runs could be modified but
that is for a more advance user and alas must wait until such time as
the prototype SEUL has been completed and evaluated.

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