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Re: SEUL: Steering Committee by Fiat

Erik Walthinsen wrote:
> I've already started the web page, hosted by txcc.net:
> http://www.txcc.net/seul-project/
  Here is one reason for a Steering committee To Eric I suggest you and
Juhana get togeter and start talking between yourselves.  From you
message I get the impression that you will build the web page but who
then is gonna support it (make updates) after your free week is gone. 
In the case of Juhana this was mentioned and the fact was acknowledged
and accepted nothing against either site but all this does is add to
confusion, unless of course the two pages are significantly different to
warrent two seperate sites.  Oh and just so there are no hard feelings
on anybodies part the acceptance of Juhana as a web site was done simply
because he was the first to offer his skills/disk space.  


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