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Re: SEUL: Steering Committee by Fiat

>   Here is one reason for a Steering committee
Exactly. ;-)

> To Eric I suggest you and Juhana get togeter and start talking between
> yourselves.
I've mailed Juhana suggesting that.  Now, to the steering committee I would 
like to ask what the "official" view is of TXCC.net?  Is this going to be the 
project home?  If so, I will try to work with the op (name unknown at this 
point) to get real lists (none of this SEUL: stuff) and integrate them 
carefully into the web page.

> From you message I get the impression that you will build the web page but
> who then is gonna support it (make updates) after your free week is gone. 
The free week will give me time to do the initial development burst.  After 
that I have nothing else but work and random small projects, so I will be 
maintaining the page as well.  I mention the free week just because of the 
time it gives me for up-front work.

> In the case of Juhana this was mentioned and the fact was acknowledged
> and accepted nothing against either site but all this does is add to
> confusion, unless of course the two pages are significantly different to
> warrent two seperate sites.
Exactly why I think there should be one main site.  As I mentioned to Juhana, 
competition is great, but I think it's a little early for that.  We need to 
pool resources and be as efficient as possible if we are going to meet our 

> Oh and just so there are no hard feelings on anybodies part the acceptance of
> Juhana as a web site was done simply because he was the first to offer his
> skills/disk space.  
No prob.  In fact, this brings up a point.  SEUL is the kind of thing where 
we're likely to find many different viewpoints (as we should!), and I know 
that worrying too much about offending anyone is exactly what keeps people 
from firing messages off into the mix.  That's partly why I've been quite so 
long (that and a 'perfectly timed' complete re-install of both my router and 
laptop... ;-).

I don't have any idea how, but if we can try to make sure no one ends up 
offended for some reason, we can avoid factioning/fractioning like the BSD 
people did.  Let's see, there's NetBSD, FreeBSD, OpenBSD, 386BSD, um...  See 
what I mean?

(example: the above is intended solely as brain-food.  Just stream-
of-conciousness [SOC], so if anyone reads anything offensive into it, well, 
that wasn't the goal.)


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