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Re: SEUL: Observatons

I seldom post to this list, and I'm not certain that I have a whole
lot to add.

But this exchange forces me to comment.

[... I delete a lot ...]
> Dan Stromberg wrote:
>     What happens if a user doesn't want X?? If the whole basis of SEUL
> is dependant on X then that user gets left out.
> > Just do the X config first.  A CD-ROM has plenty of room for X servers.
>   Please lay this beast to rest.  First there isn't a cdrom, second
> there isn't a SEUL (YET) and the first prototype will probably be disk
> based.

The S. E. U. L., these days, will have a CD-ROM drive, 16 MB of RAM,
more than 512 MB of disk, and a fairly capable monitor.

I can't speak for the originator of the concept of SEUL, but I suspect
that the concern is for the bloke who just bought a PC.

I don't think you want to focus on some bloke with a 386 and 4MB of

(There might be a _different_ project, about redeploying doorstop
systems to Lower Slobovia.  Indeed, there might be some of us interested
in defining a Linux-based system using doorstops.  A doorstop might be
able to run Linux and free applications --- providing valuable training
to South Bronx, Bangladesh, Ruritania, and Lower Slobovia.  Indeed, we
should probably form a group to do that.)

But the market for SEUL addresses those who bought a fairly recent
package and wonders if all of the odd failure messages from W95 are
really necessary.

> > 
> > I think working on curses stuff is a waste of time.  It'll really form a
> > bad first impression.  At a minimum, we could grab widtools and slap
> > something together.  That's easier to do than curses programming anyway
> > (mind you, I'm good with curses, I just think it's kinda dead)

[I'm not following proper protocol in quoting or replying, but ...]

How hard would it be to layer something between "curses" and any of the
varieties of X?  A "curses" implementation which "does" X?  A "termcap"
entry which basically says "do X"?

(Not that I'm advocating using "curses".  It is beyond dead.)
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