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Re: SEUL: Observatons

Dan Stromberg wrote:

> > Then when installation is complete we can make a
> > complete config of X (the user has now Linux installed so it is not
> > dependent on X working so he is less prone to lose his nerves and do
> > stupid things or just abandon hope) and if it works we configure Linux
> > for booting to XDM, if it does not work then Linux will boot in text
> > mode.
    What happens if a user doesn't want X?? If the whole basis of SEUL
is dependant on X then that user gets left out.
> Just do the X config first.  A CD-ROM has plenty of room for X servers.

  Please lay this beast to rest.  First there isn't a cdrom, second
there isn't a SEUL (YET) and the first prototype will probably be disk

> >    You'd be amazed the number of users who won't take curses seriously.
> >    Over the weekend, one of my housemates said "unix is just like dos,
> >    right?"  He also talked about "just using telenet" in disparaging
> >    tones.  (As tho unix is only capable of telnet sessions, because that's
> >    all he can get from windows without installing more software)
> >
 Before getting all heated up about having an SEUL X install stop and
think a minute the installation disk would have to have all the needed X
materials (if going for a VGA installation this still runs into about 4
or 5 megs of data that must be provided for the set up).  Granted that a
ncurses based installation is not the best for providing pazazz with the
constraints of having to use a disk based install that is the only

> > It is just for installation than we would use curses, my goal is than
> > when rebooting the user will log to XDM.  I am not against an X
> > install but I do not want we try to develop one until we have a curses
> > install as a backup solution.
> I think working on curses stuff is a waste of time.  It'll really form a
> bad first impression.  At a minimum, we could grab widtools and slap
> something together.  That's easier to do than curses programming anyway
> (mind you, I'm good with curses, I just think it's kinda dead)
> >    There are plenty of non-X-based installs around.  We don't need another.
 Well what do you suggest given that the first prototype of SEUL will
probably be on two or more disks.  Does another application fit the bill
remember one of the objects of SEUL to to make then installation as easy
as possible put a disk in an basically walk away after answering a few
questions.  If you know of another application that provides graphics
capability without resorting to X then please let us know what it is.

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