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Re: SEUL: Steering Committee by Fiat

>    5) I have accepted the offer of Juhana Siren to provide a web page
> for the list, presumptive of me I know but at the moment what SEUL needs
> (other than a Steering Committee) is publicity which Juhana so kindly
> offered.

I've already started the web page, hosted by txcc.net:


So far it's a quick hack done during lunch today at work, but since I have all 
of next week off and nothing better to do, it will grow exponentially during 
that time.

To all members of SEUL: PLEASE visit the site and help me out on what to 
include, how to structure it, etc.  I will attempt to respond to all mail and 
implement all suggestions that make sense and fit into the scheme of things.


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