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SEUL: Steering Committee by Fiat

bin wrote:
> Man i take a 1 week break and some one takes over the list.. Greg i think
> you just found out why it did not work when i tried it. I tried several
> times to steer the group a direction and get something done but the
> second i made a sugestion or a call to move on a decition everyone wanted
> to debate it.  So i am going to through in some up dates.

All right I see I must explain my actions concerning the Steering
1> Why was it created:
   After reading the same arguments (errr discussions) over and over
again it was plain to me that some kind of guidance was needed.  So one
night I sat down and looked over the past messages and said to myself
this is getting nowhere fast.  So I on my own decided that a steering
group was needed to give some momentum to the creation of SEUL.
2> Steering Committee selection:
   Granted this was not the best method that is available but looking
over the past messages I was struck by the fact that some people
generated more messages than others.  To me this meant two things 1) the
persons generating the messages had an interest in seeing SEUL become a
viable product and 2) the persons had the time to spare to be on the
committee.  So I simple counted who had sent how many messages and
presto chango there was the steering committee
3> What has it done:
   1)the committee is in the process of selecting a base system that
SEUL will be installed on (waiting on votes to be counted)
   2) The Committee is in the process of determining what programs
should be included in the first version of SEUL (waiting on
votes/background work)
   3) The Committee has more or less decided that the first version
should be directed at the home user
   4) The committee is deciding on what media the first distribution
should be placed on 
   5) I have accepted the offer of Juhana Siren to provide a web page
for the list, presumptive of me I know but at the moment what SEUL needs
(other than a Steering Committee) is publicity which Juhana so kindly

And finally to all those that take offense at my usurping of the
steering committee.
As I pointed out to someone in a private e-mail (which I can't find now,
doesn't that always happen?) Even a democracy boils down to one person
making decisions and as I saw it at the time there were no decisions
being made, alot of good ideas but no decisions so I stepped in and
started making decisions and surprise things started to get rolling.  If
someone on the list can come up with a better plan/idea/whatever I will
withdraw into the background making my numerous comments.


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