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Re: SEUL: Call for opinions/discussions

Man i take a 1 week break and some one takes over the list.. Greg i think 
you just found out why it did not work when i tried it. I tried several 
times to steer the group a direction and get something done but the 
second i made a sugestion or a call to move on a decition everyone wanted 
to debate it.  So i am going to through in some up dates.

Web Space:
           We have web space waiting if some one wouldlike to set it up 
           let me know!
           It is at http://www.txcc.net/seul-project/ 
           the list archives are at http://www.txcc.net/seul-project/archive

Getting started:
           We realy need to get started and work on a product. So here is 
           what i will do. If some one would like to start lets say the 
           Install or begin picking packages or anything else you feal is 
           revelent send me E-mail directaly. Tell me what you will need
           and what you wish to acomplish. You will then be put in charge
           of that project and you can decide where it goes. Let me know
           if you need web space, Majordomo List, Ftp Space, Etc. 
            You will be responsibul for finding the people you need, 
           setting up the sub project, and gideing the project to 

The list:
         I will be updateing the list archives today. So if you are behind
         or just want to see what is up go to 

Any responces to this post should be directed to me. cl@txcc.net

Sorry about the spelling the spell checker is not working on this 
system.. ;)         
"/" is the beginning "kill" is the end and "kill -HUP" is the reberth. init is 
eturnal truth everlasting.


On Thu, 26 Jun 1997, Jay Bloodworth wrote:

> On Thu, 26 Jun 1997, Greg Bell wrote:
> > The steering committee has reached the point where we need further input
> > from the members of the list.
> > 
> This doesn't really address the specific concerns you asked about, but I
> think it's worth saying anyway.  The following is a list of items (most of
> which we've discussed) that SEUL needs 'out of the box' to make in
> genuinely more functional than RedHat.  I have noted whether the feature
> is useful primarily to (H)ome and/or (O)ffice users.  Where I describe
> something as needing better support, I generally mean it needs a
> nicer/cleaner method of configuration. 
> Installation
> *Replacement or nice front end for Defrag/FIPS/Fdisk (HO)
> *More robust network install, perhaps web based (HO)
> Configuration
> *Better support for DHCP (O)
> *Better support for network filesystems (O)
> *Better support for network administration (O)
> *All of the above based on Linnet servers (O)
> *Visual interface to PPP (eg TkPPP) (H)
> *Better X config (HO)
> Daily Use
> *UI (colors, resolution, wallpaper, etc.) configurator (HO)
> *Good productivity apps (HO)
> *Lots of games (H)
> *Network apps configured to local environment (O)
> *Good desktop/filemanager (HO)
> Maintenance
> *Kernel/Module recompile front end (HO)
> *App update via network/web (HO)
> *Menus updated as apps added/deleted... (HO)
> *...and based on users role in organization (O)
> *Docs contain web links to further info (HO)
> Of course this list is not exhaustive, and support for all of these
> featues is not uniformly enthusiastic, but maybe it gives a little
> perspective on what we're looking at.
> Jay
> PS - If I had any delusions of internet collaboration being a democracy, I
> might be a little annoyed that the steering committee was chosen and
> convened by fiat.
> PPS - You mentioned the need for a curses IRC client.  Is that just a
> general need or is intended to support some aspect on the install process?
> (I ask since we've mostly been assuming SEUL would be X based with only
> the install being curses based.) 
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