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Re: SEUL: Call for opinions/discussions

On Thu, 26 Jun 1997, Greg Bell wrote:

> The steering committee has reached the point where we need further input
> from the members of the list.

This doesn't really address the specific concerns you asked about, but I
think it's worth saying anyway.  The following is a list of items (most of
which we've discussed) that SEUL needs 'out of the box' to make in
genuinely more functional than RedHat.  I have noted whether the feature
is useful primarily to (H)ome and/or (O)ffice users.  Where I describe
something as needing better support, I generally mean it needs a
nicer/cleaner method of configuration. 


*Replacement or nice front end for Defrag/FIPS/Fdisk (HO)
*More robust network install, perhaps web based (HO)


*Better support for DHCP (O)
*Better support for network filesystems (O)
*Better support for network administration (O)
*All of the above based on Linnet servers (O)
*Visual interface to PPP (eg TkPPP) (H)
*Better X config (HO)

Daily Use

*UI (colors, resolution, wallpaper, etc.) configurator (HO)
*Good productivity apps (HO)
*Lots of games (H)
*Network apps configured to local environment (O)
*Good desktop/filemanager (HO)


*Kernel/Module recompile front end (HO)
*App update via network/web (HO)
*Menus updated as apps added/deleted... (HO)
*...and based on users role in organization (O)
*Docs contain web links to further info (HO)

Of course this list is not exhaustive, and support for all of these
featues is not uniformly enthusiastic, but maybe it gives a little
perspective on what we're looking at.


PS - If I had any delusions of internet collaboration being a democracy, I
might be a little annoyed that the steering committee was chosen and
convened by fiat.

PPS - You mentioned the need for a curses IRC client.  Is that just a
general need or is intended to support some aspect on the install process?
(I ask since we've mostly been assuming SEUL would be X based with only
the install being curses based.) 

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