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Re: SEUL: Call for opinions/discussions

Jay Bloodworth wrote:

> Installation
> *Replacement or nice front end for Defrag/FIPS/Fdisk (HO)
> *More robust network install, perhaps web based (HO)
> Configuration
> *Better support for DHCP (O)
> *Better support for network filesystems (O)
> *Better support for network administration (O)
> *All of the above based on Linnet servers (O)
> *Visual interface to PPP (eg TkPPP) (H)
> *Better X config (HO)
> Daily Use
> *UI (colors, resolution, wallpaper, etc.) configurator (HO)
> *Good productivity apps (HO)
> *Lots of games (H)
> *Network apps configured to local environment (O)
> *Good desktop/filemanager (HO)
> Maintenance
> *Kernel/Module recompile front end (HO)
> *App update via network/web (HO)
> *Menus updated as apps added/deleted... (HO)
> *...and based on users role in organization (O)
> *Docs contain web links to further info (HO)
> Of course this list is not exhaustive, and support for all of these
> featues is not uniformly enthusiastic, but maybe it gives a little
> perspective on what we're looking at.

These are all excellent ideas. I'm a little confused as to how one
should go about beginning on one of these projects without knowing a few
critical specifics. A lot of ideas have been thrown around concerning
issues all over the map. I'd like to see if we can at least tie down the
most critical issues:

1) X or curses?
2) Size?
3) Depending on the above, what's the consistent theme/motif/appearance?

I'd hate for SEUL to be a randomly-implemented group of inconsistent
utilities. If this is going to be an X-based project, can someone
describe what it needs to look like? If I have questions when writing a
Samba configurator, who can I ask for direction? The steering committee?

We all keep saying, "It needs getting started." Does that mean we should
just write something and worry about consistency later? I don't think it
requires many answers to get a foundational perspective, but the answers
are necesary, regardless.

I'd like to go ahead and start writing some configuration stuff. My
personal preference is to write it in Perl or C with Tk widgetry. There
are a truckload of decisions to be made, let's face it. But can we just
bite the bullet and nail down the most important stuff? And what is the
most important stuff?

Sorry, Jay, but I wouldn't mind a fiat on this. I just want some

Michael J. Peck
Hewlett-Packard, Convex Division
Opinions expressed above are not necessarily those of my employer.
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