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SEUL: Administrivia

I've really enjoyed the infromal free-for-all nature of SEUL and hope to
see it continue.  It could be comfortable with my acceptance of authority
by fiat, but I sure could get aggrevated by someone else doing it.  As a
group I think we can work together informally, at least until our size
becomes a hinderence.  

For our users comfort we should become a clearly defined entity with
stated goals and recognizable offerings.   
I suggest the following:
   Bylaws to:    Declare our identity, charter and any affiliation          
                 State our purpose
                 Membership criteria
                 Operations - board authority, cahnging bylaws, voting, 
                              policy declaration
                 Board - Offices and responsibilities, terms, succesion  
                 Committees & Appointments

I have an example of such bylaws from my ski club, which also shares a
free-for-all spirit and has endured for 25 years.  I think they
are easily adaptable to SEUL.  Of course there will be some
issues to resolve.

 1.  Statement of purpose, does someone have it? 

 2.  How do these offices sound? President, Vice President, Secretary,
     Membership chairperson, (Treasurer if/when we need to handle money),
     & User advocate.

 3.  Elections should be secret can this be done electronically?
     (other ballots need not be secret).

I am willing to put it together for a vote.  Please respond directly to
me with your comments.  I will try to accommodate it


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