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Re: SEUL: Steering Committee by Fiat

Erik Walthinsen wrote:
> >   Here is one reason for a Steering committee
> Exactly. ;-)
> > To Eric I suggest you and Juhana get togeter and start talking between
> > yourselves.
> I've mailed Juhana suggesting that.  Now, to the steering committee I would
> like to ask what the "official" view is of TXCC.net?  Is this going to be the
> project home?  If so, I will try to work with the op (name unknown at this
> point) to get real lists (none of this SEUL: stuff) and integrate them
> carefully into the web page.

Quite simply, and I think that all of the committees members will agree
with me, there isn't an official view of it.  At the moment we are more
concerned about getting a prototype going.  Here's an idea for you and
Juhana to discuss betwix yourselves One of you join the committee as the
head of publicity.  You primary duties as the "publicity department will
be to keep the public informed of the happenings at SEUL (I.E. Creation
of a web page, when the protorelease is expected to be issued, thing
like that).  Besides being head of the publicity department you and
Juhana could also form the SEUL:Web directory and take responsibility
for the inclusion of needed packages, easy configuration, etc, etc for
web pages where SEUL is concerned (as both you and Juhana seem to have
more than a passing knowledge of it).  How does that sound??

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