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Re: SEUL: Observatons

Dan Stromberg wrote:

> > > Also 8 meg machines will have a hard time with an X based install.
> >
> > OK, points taken.  Curses it is!
> We should be doing an X-based install.

But you still didn't take into account the above point about machines
with 8MB RAM!  I could be wrong, but I think it's been more or less
decided that curses will at least start it out.  X configuration can
come ASAP later if it's a computer that can handle X.

> You'd be amazed the number of users who won't take curses seriously.
> Over the weekend, one of my housemates said "unix is just like dos,

Well.....is he one of our target users?  Some people are somewhat
ignorant about interfaces.  Just because it's text based doesn't mean
it's hard to use.  We would need to program GOOD menus with good help
screens.  It could be very usable.  Maybe we could even make a
text-based windowing system like the old Borland DOS IDEs.  Those looked
and felt downright nice!  I still miss them!

> There are plenty of non-X-based installs around.  We don't need another.

But this will be easier than the others.  :-)

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