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SEUL: Need for reviewing distributions.

There is a thing we can do in parallel while we discuss about what form
SEUL will have: we need to review present distributions in order to
choose our best starting point and collect ideas.

I have already made reviews for RedHat and LST.  I can review
Slackware (it will not be our starting point but perhaps it can give
us some ideas) but I need someone for Debian 1.3 and would also like
reviews about the minor distributions like SUSE, Linux Universe and

I want reviews based on how user friendly it is (both in installing
and software included).  Looking good is also a good point.  Remember
we are looking for a distribution being a good starting point.  If we
have to do a lot of work to make it user friendly or to make the
software not look like crap then it is not a good starting point.

And I think we cannot adopt a distribution if nobody bothered in
writing a review of it.

			Jean Francois Martinez

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