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Re: SEUL: Need for reviewing distributions.

> I have already made reviews for RedHat and LST.  I can review
> Slackware (it will not be our starting point but perhaps it can give
> us some ideas) but I need someone for Debian 1.3 and would also like
> reviews about the minor distributions like SUSE, Linux Universe and
> Craftworks.

How do I find the current LU distribution?  I'm willing to purchase
a new distribution if necessary.

LU was the first Linux distribution which actually worked for my
system (GW2K P90 plus stuff).  It installed easily and had, as I
remember, a nicer GUI for system administration than Red Hat.

I would still be using it, but I did not understand how to get
updated copies and Red Hat 4.0 came out as I was sniffing around
for a 2.x kernel.

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