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Re: SEUL: Observatons

    Juhana Siren <jsiren@pc164178.oulu.fi>  writes:

   On 24-Jun-97 Peter wrote:

   >also, i am vascillating about whether debian or redhat is better
   >to run with (though slackware (my favorite distribution, mind you)
   >is definitely out).  i think i lean a bit toward debian for the
   >packaging issues, but redhat may give us a more solid start.

   That may well be. Having experience from Slackware (otherwise fine, but needs 
   too much administration) and RedHat (currently running, just plain excellent),
   I think one key point in seleccting the base distribution is the amount of
   administrative effort required to have the system running properly. That is,
   the less time you have to spend as root, the better. Maybe we should review
   different distributions about this?

If you look in the archives you will find the review I made about LST
2.2 (19 Jun 1997) and RedHat 4.1 (16 Jun 1997).  A couple of days
earlier I reviewed RPM the RedHat packaging manager.

			Jean Francois Martinez

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