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Re: SEUL: Observatons

On 24-Jun-97 Peter wrote:

>also, i am vascillating about whether debian or redhat is better
>to run with (though slackware (my favorite distribution, mind you)
>is definitely out).  i think i lean a bit toward debian for the
>packaging issues, but redhat may give us a more solid start.

That may well be. Having experience from Slackware (otherwise fine, but needs 
too much administration) and RedHat (currently running, just plain excellent),
I think one key point in seleccting the base distribution is the amount of
administrative effort required to have the system running properly. That is,
the less time you have to spend as root, the better. Maybe we should review
different distributions about this?

>this i don't know about.  i don't think it is worth the programming
>effort (and it makes linux depend on another os to install, which is
>just bad form).  what are the exact benefits you see to a freedos install?
>(i am still open to supporting this, if there is a good reason.)

Agreed. We can make a proper installed on top pf Linux kernel just as well.

>i agree with C for initial stuff.  why perl over bash for the rest, though?

I suppose that's a bit faster and more memory efficient.

>and while on the topic of communication, this single-list
>arrangement definitely needs to change soon.  there should be
>separate channels of discussion available for disjoint matters
>that are getting lumped together here.


>a faq, list archive, and very very minimal web page (possibly
>just containing the faq), would be good.
>starting a newsgroup to replace mailing lists may also
>be appropriate.  opinions?

A newsgroup could be a good idea.

>i have the 322 messages from this list saved.  so i will put them
>on the web and write a very minimal faq later this week if no one
>else is going to.  (i heard thoughts of doing it a while ago,
>but i do not see any products).

I'm also willing to host a web site.

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