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Re: SEUL: Observatons

so i probably won't have as much time for this project as i would
like, but i will take a moment to add a few grunts and nods to the
discussion now.

i should also mention that i am a programmer, and you can expect me
to write code for seul, as soon as we have defined exactly which way
to go.  i have a fair amount of experience with low-level code, and
can probably be useful in dealing with hardware drivers.
(if anyone has already started writing stuff for hardware-detection,
contact me, otherwise i'll just start hacking on it soon.)

regarding recent issues,
i mostly agree with jghasler's responses:

>> Who is SEUL directed at?
>She is not completely ignorant about computers or she wouldn't be trying to
>install an OS, but she is not willing to attempt a complex install (she may
>be able to, but still not willing).

exactly.  this is a good enough definition of the target.  we are really
targeting a diverse group of people, and should keep that in mind while
working, but this captures the common essence of the group without getting
bogged down in details.

>> Will it be a complete distribution or just a (bunch of) program(s) for
>> easier installation
>I suggest that it be a sort of a "front end" for an existing distribution:
>an install that gets Linux up and sets up a default GUI, and perhaps some
>administration tools.

i like this idea, and i think it is feasible.  we can also go from this
to rewriting the core installer, but we will actually have something
distribution-quality to start with, rather than starting out by working
our way up to it.
any extra utilities that can be reused in our final installer would also
be useful, though.  improving fdisk (and intentionally leaving the
code easily hackable), for example.
also, i am vascillating about whether debian or redhat is better
to run with (though slackware (my favorite distribution, mind you)
is definitely out).  i think i lean a bit toward debian for the
packaging issues, but redhat may give us a more solid start.

>> What type of interface will be used, GUI or Command line??
>The basic install should use a curses GUI.
exactly.  this is relatively safe, can be quite nice-looking and mouse
or text based, and can be coded tightly, to fit in minimal space.

>> Will SEUL start from DOS or LINUX
>I would like to see it start from Freedos.  That would require more
>programming, though.
this i don't know about.  i don't think it is worth the programming
effort (and it makes linux depend on another os to install, which is
just bad form).  what are the exact benefits you see to a freedos install?
(i am still open to supporting this, if there is a good reason.)

>> What programming language will SEUL be written in (Perl, Tcl/TK, BASH, C,
>> C++ or a combination of all of them)
>The initial install stuff must be in C to keep the size down.  I would
>prefer Perl for the rest.
i agree with C for initial stuff.  why perl over bash for the rest, though?

>> 1> A steering committee be convened electronically
>> ...
>Ok.  Are you going to set up a separate mailing list?

and while on the topic of communication, this single-list
arrangement definitely needs to change soon.  there should be
separate channels of discussion available for disjoint matters
that are getting lumped together here.
a faq, list archive, and very very minimal web page (possibly
just containing the faq), would be good.
starting a newsgroup to replace mailing lists may also
be appropriate.  opinions?

i have the 322 messages from this list saved.  so i will put them
on the web and write a very minimal faq later this week if no one
else is going to.  (i heard thoughts of doing it a while ago,
but i do not see any products).

-peter luka
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