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Re: SEUL: Observatons

jfm2@club-internet.fr wrote:

> FIRST: My e-mail address is wrong in the message I am replying to.
> jfm@club-internet.fr is another person who is client of the same

My apologies for using the wrong address but these things happed at 4 in
the morning ;>)

> We should have a topic of the week.

This idea would be counter productive.  Instead of  putting pen to paper
it will just end up with more people talking and none doing

> About the user question I have explained my position in one of the
> postings I have made today: home users are our target and if we give
> them solutions for their networking problems we will have solved one
> of the biggest problems they have at machine level and that without
> altering the usability of SEUL in other roles.  Of course home users
> require different application software than users at work and then we
> will have to make exclusive choices.  But things like having a good
> install or a nice desktop will not vary between a SEUL for home and a
> SEUL for business.

One point that you seem to be overlooking is that the installation for
the home user will be a touch easier then that for business.  Just off
the top of my head one area that will be easier(?) is that of
networking.  Not many people have multiple (>3) computers that they have
networked together and designing for the home user will also allow
provide a 'testing ground' for what SEUL does and how well it does it.

> I think SEUL can be significantly easier than existing distributions
> simply by making better use of available software and removing a
> couple of stumbling blocks remaining in existing distributions.  For
> example one of the questions I see quite often in newsgroups is: Is
> there a WYSYWYG WordProcessor for LINUX?  And hardened hackers tell
> them than TeX allows to create amazing documents.  It is true but
> sometimes people do not want something for creating amazing documents
> but something easy to use.  We could give them LyX, Thot or Andrew for
> that.  How many distributions include one of them?  So this an area
> where SEUL can best other distributions without us writing a single
> line of code, we have just to evaluate the WPs and build the packages.
> I reiterate about my correct e-mail address: jfm2@club-internet.fr

Again my apologies for the address snafu.

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