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Re: SEUL: Is there a user for S.E.U.L.?

jfm2@club-internet.fr wrote:
> setup of NFS and SAMBA.  And notice than there is another project for
> improving easiness of networking in LINUX so I think NFS and SAMBA are
> more in their area (if someone is on both groups it would be a good
> thing if he could tell us what is their position towards NFS and

Yes, I think we should work closely with LinNet, and try to make SEUl
into a good LinNet client.

> Workstations require tools for the activity of the person using it
> (programming tools, CAD packages...) but also tools for coordinating
> with coworkers like a tool to plan meetings and so synchronizing
> participants agendas.

Right.  For the latter group. all we'd need is a Postgres or MSql server
with a pretty X app to access it to schedule meetings.  If we had a VB
clone, this would be EXTREMELY easy.

> We have to be realistic we are not enough for developping major

Maybe I was confusing with that post.  I'm thinking that perhaps we
should mention in the Linux newsgroups that another project be started
for something like a VB/Delphi clone.  Yes, it would be big, but I
believe necessary.

> fall short.  If SEUL attracts non-geeks to LINUX then sooner or later
> there will be application software targeted for them.


> There a few GUI builders for LINUX targeting TCL/Tk, XForms or Qt.
> Also look at commercial VB clones available for LINUX like VBIX.

I've heard of VBIX before but know basically nothing about it.  How much
does it cost?  Is it viable for writing free software?  What about
database connections?  If it's not too pricey, and suitable for free
software development, maybe I'll buy myself a copy and write a
"groupware" app or two in it.

> That is a MAJOR project.  Impossible until this list gets as many
> active participants than Linux-kernel.  And our goal is not easiing
> the task of programmers but make LINUX easy enough for people who are
> presently unable to cope with it.

Yes, it's not OUR job to do that as SEUL.  I'm just saying it needs to
be done!
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