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Re: SEUL: Observatons

> > Will SEUL start from DOS or LINUX
> I would like to see it start from Freedos.  That would require more
> programming, though.

I see that I may have mistyped my intentions here.  When I said DOS I
wasn't thinking of any particular DOS (DOS/OS7/OS2) but what I was
getting at do we start from a familiar setting (which in most cases will
be some version of a disk operating system that comes with the users
computer) or does SEUL work from a virtual disk drive (Slackware
As an aside, what is freedos?  Are you perhaps talking about opendos
from Caldera?? But then again there is the problem of first having to
install a new (generic) dos to work with which, at least to my mind
would take the simple out of SEUL.

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