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Re: SEUL: Observatons

I agree that a newsgroup is not appropriate for development of SEUL;
mailing list(s) work well.

Also, a newsgroup might hinder participation.  I've heard that there are
some robots out there that strip names and e-mail addresses from headers
of those participating in newsgroups (w/o regard to subject matter) and
then "give" the names and addresses to various junk e-mailers.  [I hope
that this is an urban legend, but until it is cleared up to my
satisfaction, I am staying away from writing to newsgroups.]


"If you tell a lie 40 times, it becomes the truth." -- Turkish proverb. 

On 24 Jun 1997 jghasler@win.bright.net wrote:
> I like usenet and have participated for more than ten years, but I don't
> think a newsgroup is appropriate for this sort of thing.

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