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Re: SEUL: Observatons

Barry Karas wrote:
> some robots out there that strip names and e-mail addresses from headers
> of those participating in newsgroups (w/o regard to subject matter) and
> then "give" the names and addresses to various junk e-mailers.  [I hope
> that this is an urban legend, but until it is cleared up to my
> satisfaction, I am staying away from writing to newsgroups.]

Yep, it's true unfortunately, and it's completely ruining USENET.  Even
worse, they hide their real Internet addresses so there's almost nothing
you can do about it after you get the junk E-mail.

One solution some people use is to add things to your domain name that
humans can easily strip out when writing to you, but junk E-mailers
don't know the difference, so it will return as an "unknown domain"
message to their server.  (Like, I'd state that my E-mail address is

Some of the more clueless people add additional characters BEFORE the @
sign in their address.  That only messes up your E-mail provider, not
the spammer.

Personally, I think all spammers should be publicly flogged, but I guess
that's getting off-topic here.  :-)

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