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Re: SEUL: Observatons

Luka (Peter) wrote:

> if the question is linux-boot vs. a preliminary install based on the
> current os, then i have to say the answer is clearly the former.
> we do _not_ want to support an install based on n different platforms

    I may be wrong but if SEUL ignores the information already on the
computer (whatever it is currently using) aren't we in effect shooting
ourselves in our collective feet and making SEUL even more difficult
then it has to be.  There are basically two types of systems that we are
aiming at a pc and a mac (SGI, ALPHA and the rest, at least to my mind
are not used in a home enviroment.  Maybe I am under a misconception
here.  From using a pc I know that there is a wealth of information
pertaining to the system already stored in the computer.  Why take the
approach of 1) hunting for the information by rummaging through the
computers memory or 2) asking the user when most of it is already

> the benefit of using freedos, assuming that we can rely on its
> stability (i have not actually used it), is that it is small.
> we put it on a floppy, along with a lot of programs for kicking
> off the installation, and it is not too hard to fit it all.
> you put in the disk, and it runs the installer.  just like a linux
> boot[+root] floppy, but smaller and thus (hopefully) easier for
> us to put together.

I understand now, the above is an anti MSDOS rant.  Before getting
p.o.ed just consider a moment.  It has been suggested that SEUL 'borrow'
what is good from various Linux distributions so why not do the same
with MSDOS (i.e. floppy format).  This may be a somewhat simple example,
but if it is there why not use it to our benefit.  Just because you
don't like Microsoft business tactics/policies/whatever doesn't mean
that it is something to be done away with.  Don't forget, whatever you
may think of Micro$soft it was they and they alone that brought
computers into the home.

> also, re: newsgroups, lists
> ok - a newsgroup would probably be a bad idea.
> some breaking of this list into more directed ones should happen
> soon, though...
> is anyone thinking about how to do this? (if so, i will shut up)

There was a proposal made on the list about this very subject.  When
writing a message in the Subject line put SEUL: <area of interest>.  I
know this is kinda a pain but after reading one of the messages  today I
checked with my ISP and they said $$$$$$ which at least for me make the
idea of the subject line breakout a very good one.


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