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SEUL: Mailing list

> Luka (Peter) wrote:
> There was a proposal made on the list about this very subject.  When
> writing a message in the Subject line put SEUL: <area of interest>.  I
> know this is kinda a pain but after reading one of the messages  today I
> checked with my ISP and they said $$$$$$ which at least for me make the
> idea of the subject line breakout a very good one.

An idea that I've had is this: use a pobox account or something as a dest 
address, point it to a real address with a .foward and handler script, then 
start exploding from there.

I have some experience with this: I have a router at home that polls my ISP 
frequently and grabs mail, bu it's mail for several different people.  A 
script on my end called by the .forward inspects the headers and sends it to 
the right mailbox.

I've already written a mailing lists that hid inside one of my other accounts 
and was activated by a key-phrase on the subject line, writing one that 
inspects the Received by: headers for intended receipient is similarly 
trivial. It also makes putting SEUL in the subject line unnecessary, which is 
an advantage.

I don't know what kind of traffic will be received by these lists, but I would 
be more than willing to host and administer the lists if appropriate exploders 
can be set up (i.e. my account sends mail to a dozen exploders, which send 
mail to users and other exploders).  Given appropriate web space I can then 
easily host archives as well.

If anyone wants to help me out in writing the exploders and getting this set 
up, it'll be a relatively painless way to get any number of mailing lists 
fairly cheaply ($30/yr for 9 lists assuming exploders are kept low traffic 
enough to avoid extra charges).  I'll even cover the pobox expenses...
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