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Re: SEUL: Observatons

winston writes:
> Who is SEUL directed at?

I think it should be directed at the individual user.  This person may be
installing Linux at home, in a small, business, or on her work station at a
large business, but without the assistance of the system administrator.
She is not completely ignorant about computers or she wouldn't be trying to
install an OS, but she is not willing to attempt a complex install (she may
be able to, but still not willing).

> Will it be a complete distribution or just a (bunch of) program(s) for
> easier installation

I suggest that it be a sort of a "front end" for an existing distribution:
an install that gets Linux up and sets up a default GUI, and perhaps some
administration tools.  Debian offers CDROM images on its site.  We could
mirror that and link in our stuff.  This would allow a Seul user to upgrade
or install packages from a Debian CD or site.  Perhaps something similar
could be done with Red Hat.

> What type of interface will be used, GUI or Command line??

The basic install should use a curses GUI.

> Will SEUL start from DOS or LINUX

I would like to see it start from Freedos.  That would require more
programming, though.

> What programming language will SEUL be written in (Perl, Tcl/TK, BASH, C,
> C++ or a combination of all of them)

The initial install stuff must be in C to keep the size down.  I would
prefer Perl for the rest.

> To the end of making the SEUL-project an actuality I recommend the
> following:

> 1> A steering committee be convened electronically, consisting of the
> following people:
> Myself

> John Hasler

Ok.  Are you going to set up a separate mailing list?

> Basically it is my opinion that it is time to get the ball rolling on
> this project

I agree.  Let's go.

John Hasler
jghasler@win.bright.net (John Hasler)
Dancing Horse Hill
Elmwood, WI
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