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Re: SEUL: Observatons

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   > Will it be a complete distribution or just a (bunch of) program(s) for
   > easier installation

   I suggest that it be a sort of a "front end" for an existing distribution:
   an install that gets Linux up and sets up a default GUI, and perhaps some
   administration tools.  Debian offers CDROM images on its site.  We could
   mirror that and link in our stuff.  This would allow a Seul user to upgrade
   or install packages from a Debian CD or site.  Perhaps something similar
   could be done with Red Hat.

I agree about the front end idea.  RedHat makes available the entire
distribution on their mirror sites so rpm -U url-name will upgrade the

   > Will SEUL start from DOS or LINUX

   I would like to see it start from Freedos.  That would require more
   programming, though.

What benefit in starting from a DOS the user has to install?  I could
understand he starts from an OS already installed in his HD but not
from something he has to build a boot floppy.  If he needs to build a
floppy then let be a LINUX floppy.

   > What programming language will SEUL be written in (Perl, Tcl/TK, BASH, C,
   > C++ or a combination of all of them)

   The initial install stuff must be in C to keep the size down.  I would
   prefer Perl for the rest.

TCL/Tk must be ruled out.  This will not be an X install so best
choose a more conventional language.  Notice than you can get a lot of
power in little space if you use shell scripts and one of the light
weight SH clones like ash.

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