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Re: SEUL: Observatons

> I'm going to take one more stab at convincing people that the first step
> needs to be geared towards a LAN/Workgroup/Intranet environment.  If most
> everybody on the list continues to summarily dismiss this point of view, I
> guess I'll drop it.  No use beating a dead horse.

> 1) I don't think people reinstall operating systems lightly.  Those who do
> can probably handle RedHat.  The rest just use the OS that came with their
> machine.  While Linux has a lot of technical advantages over Windows 95,
> most of them are 'under the hood.' Nontechnical users are going to need
> them to something very concrete to convince them to change OSes.  While
> Linux does run lot's of really neat software, it's weaknesses are,
> unfortunately, the kinds of software that people use the most: office apps
> and the latest whiz-bang games.

Well, ApplixWare and StarOffice are pretty decent office apps (word processor,
spreadsheet, graphics/presentations, charts). There are several good
databases out now (mySql, msql, Postgres, Adabas). There isn't a good
accounting package a la QuickBooks, but cbb does an ok job for personal
finance and XInvest is pretty good for portfolio tracking. 

What sort of office apps were you thinking of?

Evelyn Mitchell
XVScan - scanning software for Linux and Unix

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