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Re: SEUL: Observatons

On 24-Jun-97 jfm2@club-internet.fr wrote:

>If you look in the archives you will find the review I made about LST
>2.2 (19 Jun 1997) and RedHat 4.1 (16 Jun 1997).  A couple of days
>earlier I reviewed RPM the RedHat packaging manager.

I don't mean installation or package management alone. I mean how much
one has to tweak configuration files (and which of them need to be tweaked)
to keep the system working, what the default desktop looks like... Your LST
review was pretty much what I was thinking, thanks for reminding me. If these
could also be done for other distributions, I think we could get some valuable

E.g. Slackware needs quite a bit of administration to stay useful, at least
it did when I was using it. RedHat runs pretty much on its own. Administration
is the difficult part for many people who manage to install Linux, and it's
one thing we need tools for.

Also, we should try to remember what it was like to be a Linux newbie (we all 
have been newbies, haven't we?) and what felt difficult then. Some things have 
improved over time, some not. Has anybody actually asked a newbie about this?

Sorry if I'm repeating something - this comes to mind now.

BTW, who's going to put up the Web site? Someone was going to, but I can't
find the message anywhere. I replied as being another volunteer. And I
obviously threw the reply away, as it's not even in my sent-mail folder... did
it make it to the list? 

(Sorry about this mess, I send and receive dozens of email messages every day 
and forget 99 % of them. Lately I was out of town for a weekend - when I came 
back and logged in, xled said 56... 56 messages during a _weekend_.)
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