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Re: SEUL: Observatons

Juhana Siren wrote:

> I don't mean installation or package management alone. I mean how much
> one has to tweak configuration files (and which of them need to be
> tweaked)
> to keep the system working, what the default desktop looks like...
> Your LST
> review was pretty much what I was thinking, thanks for reminding me.
> If these
> could also be done for other distributions, I think we could get some
> valuable
> information.

 Yes but the tweaking is what make each installation unique for the
user.  It is my feelings that all of the distributions have to be
tweaked and it is the tweaking that tends to drive one a little bit
loopy.  Just off the top of my head Red Hat and a colored-ls, I know
that there is a simple way to do it, but would it have been so difficult
to just start with it already turned on????  But the tweaking aspect
should be one that is looked at quite closely. (Don't know about you but
I get kinda perturbed when after spending $1000 or so to have colors the
operating system I am using doesn't use it automagically).

> E.g. Slackware needs quite a bit of administration to stay useful, at
> least
> it did when I was using it. RedHat runs pretty much on its own.
> Administration
> is the difficult part for many people who manage to install Linux, and
> it's
> one thing we need tools for.

 Granted, but I think that for the first release of SEUL that
administrative needs should not be covered.  Think of SEUL as a tree.
First there is a sapling, then a tree not the reverse at this point we
have not even reached the seed phase.


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