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Re: SEUL: Observatons

>    As I mentioned before (and don't think I got any replies to), I think it
>    would be a good idea to have a client/server install system.  Set up a
>    software.seul.org (or whatever), have a client program to connect to
>    it.  This program would let people query the software available,
>    determine if it would run on his/her computer, give good descriptions,
>    maybe screenshots, and let them download it and automatically install
>    it.  I'd actually like to work on that part of it myself!
> Sorry but here in France day time phone rates for local calls are
> about 15 cents for three minutes.  Downloading 100 or 200 megs over a
> modem is not viable here.  So until France becomes one of the United
> States of America :-) I vote against that.

That's true, and I would caution very strongly against doing primary installs 
over the 'net.  There are CD distribs for a reason.  OTOH, having the ability 
to say "computer, go updrade yourself tonight" and it actually doing it would 
be one of those things that Joe Home User would absolutely love.  He could 
leave his computer on for a night while it upgrades itself.  He doesn't have 
to go to the store, spend money on an upgrade, install it in a slowly, 
painfully, and manually.  This way it's free (but of course...), hassle-free, 
and most importantly of all, AUTOMATIC.

For those who can't do it over the net or LAN, the latest CD could be obtained 
(ideally the same CD you install from) and the upgrade would operate off that.

And think about IS departments.  Imagine a site with 500 computers running 
SEUL.  The admin mirrors the SEUL distrib and sets up to automatically upgrade 
all the machines.  If they're all green and can be set to turn on a certain 
time, he simply sets them all in advance and automatically upgrades them in 
waves in the middle of the night, completely unattended.

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