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RE: SEUL: Observatons

Have you considered that one of our best "marketing" points might be
that SEUL is an OS that is not only faster, more powerful, and more
technically complete than anything MS puts out, but an average
non-technical user, without all the latest hardware (read: folks still
running Win 3.1 on a 386 with 8mb Ram) can load it on a machine that
Win95/NT won't even consider.  So not only do they save $ on the cost
difference of the OS' (not to mention the apps), but they save even MORE
when you consider there is no additional hardware required to upgrade.

I think we should make the install curses, and if the hardware can
handle it, add the X as an option towards the end of the install.

And while I'm on the subject of X, I know there's been a lot of
discussion as far as which window manager.  Why not start in a
particular wm of our choosing, but make a root menu sub-menu to switch
to /try out a half dozen or so of the more popular wm's.

As far as apps, I'd be willing to work in a sub-committee for common
home/office apps.


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>Dan Stromberg wrote:
>I already said - we should support no less than 16M, in order to get
>decent performance out of X.
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