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I always thought CDROM was the way to go.  You all want it.  It makes
sense to me.  There is no decision that I am aware of that precludes a

Greg is right, to focus on a CDROM at this point in time is just a
distraction. Using Greg's analogy of growing a plant from a seed.  We are in 
the stage of picking what to plant.  Pressing a CD would be like making
pie from the fruit.  

Please curtail CDROM postings until some testing can be done.  

It looks like the first thing that Greg  may pull togehter are files to 
download on diskette to boot Linux.  From there ftp could be used to load
all sorts of goodies.  This will be adequate for considerable testing.  Which
will be more important than many of our own discussion.

The advantages of X are also quite clear.  Some simple testing is the
best measure of what can practically be accomplished.


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