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Re: SEUL: Steering Committee by Fiat

bin wrote:
> Ok Greg I have a sugestion for you. Why dont you take your committee and
> start the install/distrubition group responsibut for getting an install
> and base system running? This may have been befor your time here seeing
> that you are user #32 out of 58 on the list but i did a big message and
> requested people to run subgroups.  We have had a web developer for a
> month now although he seems to have disapeared (This makes the 3rd) Omega
> is the new developer. This group is a little over a month old. You are
> the 8th person to come in and try to take it over and make things move
> faster. I did not expect it to move any faster than it is and expected it
> to settel down some befor work began. We are still deffineing(sp) the
> base user, system requirments, what is needed, etc. Are you even aware
> that I have a working boot and root disk for the distrubition? It was put
> on hold untell we decided weather to develop our own or use an existing
> one as a base.
> Just as a note to you. I am the Owenr/Admin of the group. I am the admin
> of Txcc.net and I can remove your committee!
Very well, as it seems there are some people that intensly dislike the
idea of a steering committee (I am not paranoid enought to take it
personnal) or perhaps the way it came about, as I created it I am now
disbanding it.
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